4L65E GM Transmission - Patriot 275Hp/250tq

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    This remanufactured 4L65E Merica Patriot Transmission comes with a matching torque converter, ready to install! Made In America!

    Dyno Tested
    3yr Warranty
    Free Torque Converter
    Fast & Easy Core Return

    Our Patriot 4L65E is rated for engines producing up to 275hp/250tq

    Your 4L65E is dyno tested for your peace of mind and ready to ship!

    The Merica Patriot 4L65E retains its factory shift pattern and is a great option for stock vehicles that still want a stronger, longer lasting transmission than a regular OEM replacement. This model has the option for gas or diesel applications.

    The 4L65-E was introduced in 2001 as a HD version of the 4L60E. With a stronger planetary and strengthened output shaft. It is compatible with either the Chevrolet 90 degree Small Block & Big Block patterned engines including the V6, I6, and V8

    An interesting new feature on this four-speed automatic include an Input Shaft Speed Sensor, for more advanced transmission and engine control through the ECM. This new sensor is located in the front pump assembly.

    The 4L65E Transmission features:

    The latest american technology in our industry with the best machined internal components for the best strength and dependability. All Merica Patriot units are thoroughly inspected by hand, blue printed and machine dyno tested to ensure that your 4L65E transmission operates flawlessly! Whether its your daily driver or street and strip.

    Upgraded & Replaced Internal Components:

    Precision Master Overhaul Kit
    Super Pump
    Standard Clutches and Steels
    Direct/Reverse Input Drum
    Turbine Input Clutch Housing
    Modified Input Sun Gear (to increase forward planetary lubrication)
    Modified Sunshell Drive Gear (to increase rear planetary lubrication)
    Updated/Modified Accumulators
    Raybestos Pro Series Band
    Heavy Duty Sunshell
    Recalibrated Valvebody
    Recalibrated Valve Plate for Shift Firmness
    New High Flow Filter
    New Low/Reverse Heavy Duty Sprag
    New 29 Element Heavy Duty Forward Input Sprag