4L60E Transmission Rebuild Kit, Mega Monster-In-A-Box: 1993-97

Price: $1,035.99

    Are you a shop owner or perhaps an ambitious do-it-yourselfer? For you, Merica is proud to offer Monster Transmission Rebuild Kits.

    Order a "Monster-in-a-Box" and build your own Monster Transmission. Build it yourself and save! Monster Rebuild Kits are moderately priced and offer an exceptional value for the performance minded street enthusiast. This 4L60E rebuild kit is rated to 500hp and 450 ft lbs of torque. Everything is included that Monster uses in their transmission, see the list below for details.

    Mega Monster Rebuild Kit Includes:

    Paper Gaskets
    Lip Seals
    Molded Piston - Quantity - 1
    Sealing Rings
    4L60E Corvette 2nd Gear Servo
    Friction Clutch Plates (5-Low/Reverse, 4-Reverse Input, 5-Forward, 2-Overrun)
    Steel Plates (5-Low/Reverse, 4-Reverse Input, 5-Forward, 2-Overrun)
    3-4 High Performance Kolene Steel Kit - Quantity - 6
    3-4 High Performance Clutch Kit - Quantity - 6
    4L60E Filter
    4L60E Heavy Duty Band
    Teflon Pump Bushing
    Delco Front Seal Retainer Clip
    4L60E Superior Shift Reprogramming Kit
    Hardened Pump Rings
    4L60E 10 Vane Rotor Gear
    4L60E 10 Vane Rotor Guide
    4L60E 10 Vane High Rev Kit
    Heavy Duty Sun Shell
    Heavy Duty 29 Element Sprag
    Heavy Duty Wide Rear Sprag

    New Electronics Included
    1-2 Shift Solenoid
    2-3 Shift Solenoid
    Manifold Switch
    EPC Motor
    3-2 Solenoid
    PWM Solenoid
    TCC Solenoid with Harness